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Spinning one of the greats. #fleetwoodmac #rumours #classic #sogood
#tb to my birthday 2014 weekend. Karaoke bar with these two, and many other friends. #onelove #tdot #CNtower #outforaripyou #haveyouseenmyback (at The Office Pub)

Flashback: Foo Fighters Jam With Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

Fucking legendary. 

So, when I’m cooking in the kitchen, my dog tends to stay right to my side hoping to catch food. I learned one day that he doesn’t enjoy when I “beat box” at him, and for some reason I find it hilarious how much he hates it, so I tried to catch it on film and the result was immediate. #mylife

The boys are back in town #classic #impala #javelin #eyegasm

Taking Back Sunday (at Kool Haus)

Concert time! #takingbacksunday #theused #tonightalive #rockshow


Episode 1. I’m stoked GoF is back! It pulled me right back in as soon as the episode began.

On a side note, I was momentarily upset when Cersei wouldn’t have sex with Jamie, especially after all he’s been through, then I remembered they are brother & sister and I threw up in my mouth a little.